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EZMore Mania Weekend Pictures
Before we flew out & Mom & Dad drove out of town Monday afternoon, Bill invited everyone to come to Apple and join him for breakfast.

Good food.
There was some serious Jenga competition Mania weekend.
That is not an optical illusion.  The Jenga tower is really leaning to the left in this picture.
The Jenga boys & girl.
Blake & Mr. Seattle in the backyard.
Bad shoulder?  What bad shoulder?
Violet is very advanced for a 2 year-old.  She knows how to spell this website and she has volunteered to be a substitute webmaster when she gets a little older.
Yvonne is very happy the Violet wants to help out with keeping Ezthompson updated.
Violet carried around her 'Miss Seattle' teddy bear all weekend.
Coming Soon...EZMania Weekend Jenga Videos.  Woo!!!