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EZA Few More Mania Weekend Pictures & Jenga Video
Everyone wins in this edition of Backyard Jenga.
Unfortunately, someone always loses in Jenga.  Right Dad?
That is not an optical illusion.  The Jenga tower IS taller than Yvonne.
How does one build backyard Jenga?  Well it all starts with a trip to Home Depot to gather the lumber.  Here are Blake, Grandma & Violet carrying one of the many 2 x 4's to the backyard.
Blake has good 2 x 4 carrying form.
Dad (and I) love to use mitre saws.  Shake It!
"Many hands make light work" is a phrase I remember Dad saying often growing up.
When you are a confident Jenga player like Dad, you play barefoot.
Yvonne, Violet, Grandma, Blake & Mr. Seattle out for a walk in the park.
You never know when there may be a flash flood in drought stricken California, right Blake?
These ladies are pumped up for the Mania Event.
EZComing soon...the pictures you've all been waiting for from Mania Weekend...Woo!!!