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EZUntil then, enjoy these pictures
EZStill coming soon...the pictures you've all been waiting for from Mania Weekend...Woo!!!
Last Sunday Alexis and her Tri Delta sisters hosted a brunch for their mothers.
Tri Delta brunches are a lot of fun.
And Tri Delta Cupcakes are delicious.
I think Yvonne is holding a magic wand but I know that Alexis is wearing very long gloves.
So while the ladies were enjoying brunch with each other, I decided to have a Tri Delta breakfast of my own (see the design on the pancakes).
Now those are some good looking CCP's!
And CCP's that look that good deserve a picture all by themselves.  MMM, MMM, MMM.
Here's Bo killing time snuggled up on Yvonne's blanket waiting for me to come home from work.
Pretty much everyday I come home from work, both Bo & Daisy meet me at the door and promptly flop down on the carpet anxiously waiting for me to pet them both.
A couple of weeks ago, Yvonne, Darlene & I met their cousin Darcy & her husband Lee for dinner in Stanwood.  Afterwards, since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to stop at Haggan's supermarket and suprise Mason with a quick visit.
Great minds think alike.  Last weekend, 3000 miles apart, Ben & I did some spring cleaning on our respective houses.
For my outside spring cleaning chores, my friend & neighbor Jim let me borrow his pressure washer.

This isn't the first time I've borrowed his pressure washer.  You want to know why he lets me borrow it year-after-year?

I always return it with the gas tank full, the outside wiped down and cleaner than when I borrowed it, and I always return it with a case of Jim's favorite beer.
Here's my quick attempt at an artsy type picture.

If you look closely, just below my shadow's elbows, you'll see what a clean patio looks like after it's been pressure washed.
EZDon't forget...Still coming soon...the pictures you've all been waiting for from Mania Weekend...Woo!!!