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What a manic mania weekend. Yvonne & I flew to San Francisco last Friday, March 27th and spent the weekend at Bill & Melissa's house.  Mom & Dad drove up in their RV and stayed 15 minutes from their house at one of the only overnight RV Parks in the Bay Area (not counting WalMart parking lots).  When the weekend was over and after breakfast at the Apple campus, Mom and Dad drove Yvonne & I to the airport, but not before we drove by our old house on the hill in Belmont.

Here are a few pictures from last weekend, minus some extra special pictures which will be posted soon.  Stay tuned...
Mom & I enjoying the sunny weather on a park bench while Blake played in the park and everyone else went to Costco for supplies.
It's tought o get a good picture of Blake on his scooteer because that kid is fast.  Woo!!!
Blake loves it when Grandma pushes him to the swing's limits.
Violet is a cutie-patootie.
Skyping with Ben and putting his and Julia's Mania predictions 'ink-to-paper.'
Bill has Blake setup with his own computer.  When Blake is not hunting the Wumpus, he's learning BASIC.
Did I mention that Violet is a cutie-patootie.
Of all the t-shirts I wore last weekend, this was Blake's 2nd favorite.

R U Kitten Me?
That's Grandma photo-bombing just before we left to go get a good breakfast at Apple.
Before we left, I left Blake a few backyard messages.
After breakfast, we made a quick stop at the RV park before Mom & Dad took Yvonne & I to the airport.
We had great weather on the flight home. If you look close (and zoom in), you should see the Space Needle
Grandpa & Violet watching the red hot Jenga action in the backyard.
Did I mention that the Jenga competition was red hot?