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EZMore TTHQ Picture From 4th of July Weekend
My favorite picture in this bunch is the one of Malachi sleeping who looks like 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper put him to sleep.  If you're going to sleep, sleep hard. 

R.I.P. Piper.
EZBill & Melissa Visit the Sesame Street Theme Park in Pennsylvania
EZfun Fact: Bill's favorite S.S. Characters are Bert & Ernie
Blake & Zoe.
Violet is not afraid of the Cookie Monster.
EZfun Fact: Bill's favorite S.S. Character is The Count
Violet & Blake get a big hug from Elmo.
Violet get a solo hug from Elmo.
Violet gives Abby Cadabby a big kiss.
Violet & Blake eating a snack in Rittenhouse Square
EZMisc. Ben, Diane, Julia & Danny Pictures
Those are some good looking Thompson's.
Diane blowing out her birthday candles a few weeks ago.
Danny & Julia are looking good on the porch.
...and also on the Jersey Shore.
Danny and his ice cream graduation cake.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  Woo!!!
Back in July, Dad had lunch with Marlys & Thelma.
...And then had a homemade beef and vegetable soup dinner with Kaloeb, Darla & Malachi later that day (dinner courtesy of Darla) at the Fairview RV park..