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EZIf You Send Me Pictures I Will Post Them
Mom & Dad yesterday leaving Seattle for their 7-day Alaska cruise.
Mom's first painting.
(Hurricane) Danny & Julia back-to-back.
Danny in the surf.
Julia in the surf.
Ben & Diane are looking good at the marina.
Julia & Danny are growing up fast.
Ben, Diane, Julia & Danny are looking good at Brigantine Beach.
Julia doing her best mermaid impersanation.
Danny is 12 Years Old.  Woo!!!
Currently, Bo is one relaxed cat, but that may soon change as we relocate to our new house.
I combined the $50 I got from Mom & Dad and the $50 I got from Jan as a birthday present and bought this Kreg Jig last weekend.

This is really going to come in handy as I build new shelves & cabinets in the new house.
I built this picture frame using some scrap wood just to get a feel for how to use my new Kreg Jig.

If you want to learn more about Kreg Jigs, click here for a quick demonstration.
The unfinished front side of the picture frame.
Kaloeb, Darla & Malachai were at TTHQ last weekend.
Kaloeb & Malachai getting ready to break out the giant Lego's.
Grandpa Gary reports that "Malachai loves to play with balls and throw them to Grandpa.  He is very accurate and is already being scouted by the Seattle Mariners.
The Stevenson's are bunch of daredevils on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk roller coasters.
Violet puts her hands in the air and waves them like she just doesn't care.

EZFun Fact: Shhh...Don't tell Yvonne...but Bo & Daisy like to drink fresh water right out of the faucet.