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Happy Birthday Dad.
EZDancing With The Stars
Brother Bill got Melissa & Mom VIP backstage tickets to the Dancing With The Stars tour. 
EZFun Fact: Dancing With The Stars is Mom & Melissa's favorite TV Show
I think both Dad & Blake are thinking...'Where are all the candles?'
A recent picture of Alexis the last time I dropped her off at her sorority house on a Sunday evening.
A panoramic picture from the roof of the parking garage I park at looking West earlier this week.  Wow!
1 Hand, 2 Cat Tails.
EZGrandpa Gary turned 71 Years Old This Week
Last Sunday, we got to enjoy our Christmas tree one more time.
Dad was at TTHQ for a week or so and spent a good amount of time replenishing the wood piles.
According to Dad, there is an abundance of driftwood available on the beach.
Same driftwood pile, another viewing angle.
This wood shed screams, "I'm ready to be burned!"
Just look at all that wood.
When I look at this picture, I can't help but think to myself...The 4th of July just can't come fast enough.