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Melissa & Bill had great seats for AFV's 25th Anniversary show that aired last Sunday.  Woo!!!
Look closely and you will probably recognize the guy in the middle of this picture.
Mom in the San Francisco 49ers Museum with all of the legend bronze statues.  Dad writes, "incomparable football museum at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara."
Mom & Dad outside the exact entrance where we will pass through the gates for WrestleMania 31.  Dad writes, "What a rush!"
The Levi's Stadium Press Conference Room, Santa Clara.  Here is Dad doing his best Jim Harbaugh impersonation of why he cannot beat the Seattle Seahawks.
Mom in the dressing room of the San Franciso 49er Cheerleaders.
Left to right: Leo Nomellini, Dad, Mom, Gordy Soltau (not to be confused with Gordon Solie)
EZAmerica's Funniest Videos
Dad writes, "defending against R.C. Owens and the 'alley Oop' catach.  His arm strength pulled the football away from me.  Cradled it in for a TD."

Your dutiful webmaster notes that R.C. has also out-posisitioned Dad too.
This picture shows the preparation for the outdoor NHL hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose Sharks.

Outdoor hockey a smashing success in San Jose
EZLevi's Stadium Tour with Mom & Dad