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In the past, when I was using Adobe DreamWeaver CS4, I found that using tables was the easiest way to update the content on the homepage.  As I said on my Jan. 3 post, I wanted to start 2015 with a new look.  So, in an effort to shake up the home page design, I found this pretty cool program called WYSIWYG Web Builder 10 (30 free trial), found a free web page template that I could use with it that I liked, and simply used it.

Unfortunately, after that first update, as I dove into how that template was built, I discovered that it really woudn''t work for how I (or anyone else) updates the content of
EZthompson.  You see, that web page template was created for a web site with static content (build it and forget it).

As you all know,
EZthompson's content is far from static.

And so the journey begins.  It's time to build an
EZweb site template of my own and set the foundation for the next generation of EZthompson.

And so the journey begins.
Blake emailed me this picture yesterday.  The subject line of the email simply said "Selfie"
Now that EZthompson Has A New Format, It's Time to Make It EZ To Update.
Happy (Belated) Birthday Melissa!
According to Blake, It's never too early to blow out your birthday cake candles.
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Night Landing Airplane at Chicago O'hare International Airport Cockpit View.
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Welcome to the new 2015 EZthompson.  It's a new year so why not shake up the home page with a new design.  After all, it has been over 2 1/2 years since the last web page redesign.

Click here to go all the way back to May 2012 when EZthompson was resurrected after a 6 month hiatus.

Click here to go back to 2011 when Gary thought that he was done with EZthompson and gave the it the Undertaker treatment.

Click here to go back to Oct. 2009 when Kyle just got his driver's license.

Click here to go back to a 2006 when Alexis was a basketball player, Gary still had hair and Bo & Daisey were just kittens.

Click here to go back to 2005 when Mason was a rocker,Gary was really into Photshop and Julia was a cheerleader.

Happy New Year Team Thompson
Fifi Eats a cricket Video
Fifi the gecko was a combination Birthday/Christmas present for Julia.
Ben promises to put together a Fifi feeding frenzy video in the near future.
Grandpa Gary with pianist Michael Levine (& Jerry Rice)
This picture was taken at Bill & Melissa's Christmas Party on Dec. 21, 2014.
Levine is the Bay Area's premier party pianist, Jerry Rice is an NFL Hall-of-Famer and Grandpa Gary loves having his picture taken with famous people.
EZthompson subtle changes are a comin'
For the 2nd year in a row, the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl.  Woo!!
Slowly but surely, one piece at a time, the new EZthompson web page is coming along.  Once I really figure out what I'm doing, there will more updates.  Until those days come along, let's distract ourselves with some Super updates.
EZFun Fact: Grandma Sue's favorite NFL running back is Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode.  So let's enjoy some of Beast Mode's best runs before next week's big game.
EZGet Off Of Me
EZBeast Mode (those poor Arizona Cardinals)
Seahawks vs. Patriots