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EZTTHQ 4th of July Pictures
Melissa's TTHQ July 4th Weekend videos.
It's too bad there is not a show called "Americas's Cutest Kid Videos' because this one would crush all competitors.
Dad's latest edition to the swing set was a big hit with Blake & Violet.
A few weeks ago, Joe, Valerie & Cole Nash were in town so of course we all went boating.  Little did I know that 8 year-old Cole is a water daredevil.  He tried surfing on his own but the board was too big, so we did the next best thing and had a tandem surf session.  Woo!!!
5 simple words describe my brother-in-law and his 4th of July fireworks display. 
"Bill Stevenson Is The Man!"
Boat Group Selfie (left to right): Cole, Valerie, Joe, Webmaster & Yvonne.
After watching Cole gather 20 ducks around the boat, I gave him the nickname 'The Duck Whisperer.'
Cole is one energetic kid.
Before leaving, Joe, Valerie & Cole insisted on having their picture taken with the Gary Picture.