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EZJuly Potpourri of Pictures & Events
Last Weekend we celebrated Yvonne's birthday with a Sunday breakfast brunch.
You've gotta love big waffles topped with strawberries, Yvonne's World Famous Blueberries, Cool Whip and a birthday candle.
Shake it!
Speaking of birthday's, we helped Mason celebrate his 23 birthday earlier this month.
Birthday cupcakes gets a 2-thumbs up from Mason.
Mason likes to blow out his birthday candles with flair.
Last weekend was a great weekend for boating.  Just ask your: (clockwise) Webmaster, Yvonne, Scott, Lesia, Jordan, Jackson, Alexis or Yvonne.
Two weekends ago was a good day to take in a baseball game at Safeco Field.  We were in great company with Scott & Lesia, but unfortunately the Angels put a whoopin' on our Mariners that day.
Safeco Field is beau-ti-ful.  Woo!!!
Congratulations to Maggie for earning her GED earlier this summer.
A few weeks ago (actually on Yvonne's birthday) there was a fire next to the freeway near the casino that wrecked havoc for the drive home from work.  As I was stuck in traffic on side streets, I realized that I was right next to Fred's apartment.  Instead of idling in the truck and going nowhere, I pulled over and hung out with my old buddy for an hour or so while traffic cleared up a little bit (but not much).
For my birthday, Alexis got me a $25 gift card to Home Depot.  I debated for over a month on how best to spend this free money until I came up with an idea to build storage behind our garage workout mirrors.
I'm not much of an artist, but this sketch represents what I was looking to accomplish (it looks much better in my head compared to what you see on paper).
Here is the finished product.  The mirrors are centered so you can get an idea of what the storage looks like behind the mirrors.
And when the mirrors are open, you can't see what's behind them.  Woo!
Yvonne has wanted a headboard for the guest room bed for quite some time now.  She found a design that she liked on Pintrest, and so I built it (required a different trip to Home Depot).
After I put it all together, Alexis helped out by filling in the nail holes.
Afterwards, I sanded it, Yvonne painted it, and now...
Our guests get to enjoy it.  Woo!!!
I shouldn't have to tell Blake & Violet who this is and what she's holding.

For those of you who don't know, it's Yvonne and her 'World Famous Blueberries' with her blueberry bushes in the background.