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Bo perched atop Yvonne's chair.  What a stud.
EZA Few Working from home this last week cat pictures.
With Alexis at school, I've noticed that Daisey spends a lot of time on her bed.
Last Sunday I washed & waxed the truck.  It's 10 years old, only has 78K miles on it, still gets the job(s) done and looks pretty good too.
Say goodbye to the toy box.  Yvonne & I build this for the kids as a Christmas present way back in 2003.  It's been sitting on the front porch for the last 4 months (no room for it in the garage).  So it's time to take it apart and enjoy it one last time (in the backyard firepit).

Although, I may ask the curator of TTHQ if there is a place on a wall in Art's Place for the front piece of plywood with Alexis & Kyle's name on it.