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EZMother's Day Weekend Pictures
WE celebrated Mother's Day last Saturday at Kayak Point.  The weather was perfect and the mothers were all smiles.
There's nothing better than everyone make your own omelets, just ask Maggie, Darlene, Yvonne & Jan.
Violet is all smiles when she visits Grandma & Grandpa on Mother's Day weekend.
A couple of weeks ago, Julia was in a gymnastics competition and got some big air.
I got one word for you Julia, "Woo!!!"
After Mothers Day brunch, Yvonne & I picked up the boat at our good friends...um... what's Shane & Teresa's last name?
3 car driveways are good, but houses on lots that are just shy of an acre or bigger are better places to park summer toys.
The starboard side
The port side.
The rest of these pictures are of the support system for the winter cover.  I'm just posting them for my own reference for when it's time to winterize the boat later this year.