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EZGrandma Sue is a Hardcore Seahawks Fan
During the big wind storm last weekend, we lost power to our house for upwards of 14 hours; thus, we were unable to watch the Seahawks defeat the Chargers in the 3rd preseason game of the year, but that did not dampen Mom's spirits or prevent her from dressing in her Seahawks apparel.  Woo!!!
For those of you who haven't heard, we're moving soon into our new house.
As you can see it's a nice 3 bedroom / 2.5 bath rambler on a nice level lot and there is lots of room for visitors, boats, RV's, etc...

And who can forget what our (brand new) current house looked like in September of 2002...hard to believe that was 13 years ago.
Are you getting pumped up for Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary party?
A while back, Bruce Meland emailed me a scanned picture and the church Grandpa Art's memorial service bulletin.  He writes,

"Hi Gary I was going through some old photos as Dorothy Towe Harmon died earlier this year and they are having a memorial service for her at Immanuel  Church  in Silverton next Sat July 25 at 11 Am  I found the Chirch service  Bulletin for your father ( my mother saves everything. The photo below was taken in late Sept 1988  on our trip to Minot with a pre assembled stabbur some parts on top of your folks motor home. On my PU and folks Van. Photo from l to r Art Lorene, Ruth, David Strand, Bud Funrue me and  mom Eleanor. Ardy took the  It was a fun trip and while most went to visit Cindy in  Minneapolis David strand and I put the stabbur together for the Hostfest a we later  and all came back from Minnesota to enjoy the Hostfest. scan of  color photo taken in black and whit to better read your dad;s obituary. Assume you are  visiting Gary Jr in Everret Bruce