A new look for a new year
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A Big Thank you goes out to Mom & Dad!  The following video would not have been possible had it not been for the $100 Home Depot gift card Yvonne & I received from them as our Christmas gift last year.

Well, technically that's not correct.  It still would have been possible, it's just that I would have had to have spent my own money on new dedicated breakers and circuits for the sauna and treadmill in the gym.

But why spend my own money, when I can make memorable use of free Christmas money/gift card.  Woo!!!

EZNew House Infrastructure Upgrade
Thank you Mom & Dad for contributing to the enjoyment of our new house.

And...Oh, by the way, the sauna and treadmill both works great.

At the same time.

A dirty Bradley picture.
A few weeks ago Ron & Fred came over for a pre-game Sunday brunch and to watch the Seahawks narrowly defeat the Vikings in the wild card round of the playoffs, 10 - 9.