A new look for a new year
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So by now you all know that we've moved into a new house (and if you don't know, then you really need to click here).

And with a new house comes a new hobby for me. Since I don't have a personal drone to follow me around, I've grown fond of recording time lapse videos of me working on the various remodeling projects in and around the new house.

And so, without further ado, I present to you the following peacock videos.

EZNew House YouTube Videos
Garage Remodel: How to Build a Wall in 5 Minutes Timelapse Video
Bathroom Remodel: How to Gut a Bathroom in 1 Minute Timelapse Video
Family Room Remodel: How to Cleanup Before New Hardwood Floors Are Installed
That's it for today.  Time to eat breakfast and then go help Scott move.