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EZShed Update
EZQuote of the week:

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
   -- Bertrand Russell

The shed building is coming along rather well, except for today's rain.  I had grand plans of installing the siding on the shed this weekend, but then work and the weather got in the way.  I had to work yesterday for 5 hours installing new network gear at our Disaster Recovery site and then I woke up this morning to rain.

So why not make the best of it and update (finally) Ezthompson...dot com.

I did get a little shed work done yesterday after returning home from my real job.

I installed a few rows of siding on the south side / back wall of the shed.

And naturally, as with all of my home renovation projects, I like to use Grandpa Art's hammer whenever I can to get the job done.  Woo!!!
I did get the HardiPlank trim boards and 6 rows of siding installed yesterday before sunset...I'd call that a good start.
EZAlexis Built Her Own Headboard
Once the shed is complete, I plan on posting lots more pictures of the build process.
Alexis sanding the headboard slats.
Alexis' first time using an air nailer.  Woo!
Alexis using the air nailer installing some support boards behind the headboard.
Alexis using wood putty to smooth out the nail holes.
The almost finished product.  All it needs now is the white wash stain.
EZMom mows the lawn.
To get ready for Alexis' UW graduation party last month, Mom volunteered to mow the lawn.  Woo!!!  Shake It!!!