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EZMiscellaneous Thoughts and Ramblings for the week.
I just finished reading Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte on my Kindle Paperwhite.  This book came out a few months  after Dad and I had lunch with both Ric and Charlotte in San Diego late last June.

This book was an easy read and it's too bad it wasn't available before then as I have a much greater appreciation for just how quickly Charlotte has evolved as a sports entertainer.

A lot of the stories from Ric are retold from his first book and the stories from Charlotte document growing up as a spoiled kid with an absent father.  And unfortunately we learn about how Ric's son & Charlotte's brother battled heroin addiction until his death at 25 years of age.
Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte
EZQuote of the week:

"We don't know all the answers.  If we did we'd be bored.  Keep looking, searching, trying to get more knowledge." - Jack Lalanne

EZScience & Technology: One of the coolest videos ever.  Fast forward to 21:55 if you want to skip to the launch and everything thereafter.

Here are my notes from this week's read:

In our line of work, there's no off-season. No intermission.

The road can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In other forms of sport and entertainment, players can tune out the crowd in order to focus. In this business, you feed off the crowd.

When I think of our business, I think of performing every night. You're only as good as your last performance.

When I came up in the business, we called it in the ring, so we knew where our story was going and how it would end. But the points in between, in terms of how, were left to the performers' abilities to tell a story based on the audience's reaction.

As a performer, you want to be prepared and know where you're going, but you also need to give yourself the creative freedom and flexibility to decide how you and the person you're working with will arrive at the end point of the story. The crowd is such an important part of what we do. It's performance art in its highest form.

Ray Stevens said: "The day you walk through that curtain and you don't have goose bumps, that's the day you never need to walk through it again."  I had goose bumps.

At the very least, Dusty was one of the best talkers in wrestling history. My dad used to say Dusty could "talk 'em into the building. That meant that fans would buy a ticket to see Dusty at the next show because they were so captivated by what he'd said in his interview.

In one of the (NXT Developmental) meeting sessions we had, Michael Hayes said something profound. He said, "Not everyone here will make it. Who here has what it takes? Who here will be one of the few to be called up to the WWE main roster? Who here is going to grab the keys and drive the car?

In what other profession can you say your work is a success when thousands of people are booing at the mere mention of your name or the first sight of you in an arena?

I looked at the monitor and saw the stage and the path to the ring. That's when I realized this was the aisle he was supposed to walk me down first. All along. This was my destiny.

A tradition in the business was to never hold a championship until you became a champion.

If you're willing, it's never too late to make things right, to turn things around.

EZPictures of the week: Due to all the snow on the ground, my anti-deer garden fence project has stalled.  I did go out and rake some snow yesterday in an effort to thin out the amount of snow around the garden bed.  The weather is supposed to "warm up" this week so hopefully I can get back to it soon.

Here is what raked snow looks like.
I've got 5 posts set, only 4 to go.
EZPicture of the Week: How cool is this?

EZNews of the Week: Mom and Dad are getting a new RV.  They'll be picking their Tiffin Allegro 34PA in Portland in a few weeks and then they're driving north and spending a long weekend with Yvonne and I.  Woo!!!

I wonder if only there was a was to see their new rig before then?

Well, here's the floor plan.
Hmm, I wonder where this link goes?  NOTE: be patient, this page is graphics intensive and takes a long, long, long time to load.