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EZMiscellaneous Thoughts and Ramblings for the week.
I just finished reading Meditation For Figety Skeptics by Dan Harris on my Kindle Paperwhite.  It's an interesting read and the follow up to his first book 10% Happier.  In this book he and his friend, the MacGyver of Meditation, Jeff Warren discuss specific strategies to help those of us who are skeptical about the practice. Some parts of the book are clearly an infomercial for the App they've created that accompany the book, but overall it was a good read and it's inspired me to sit still even it's just for a minute a day to calm my mind.

Here are a few of my notes from the book:

- It's best to respond, not react.

- Meditation does not require that you stop thinking.
EZQuote of the Week:

"Skate to where the puck is going." - Wayne Gretzky

Meditation For Figety Skeptics by Dan Harris

EZLHome Improvement of the Week: Yvonne has right foot surgery on Tuesday (not the one that Ben accidentally ran over as we cruised through Hollywood Hills, that foot is okay).  And even though we live a rambler, there are 4 steps from the garage floor to get into the house.

When we first moved into the house the landing at the top was enclosed with a railing on the outside of the steps.  Well, Yvonne and I tore that off to open it up.  But now that we're getting older, it'll be nice to have a handrail against the wall.  And not just for us, but for Jan and Darlene and Mom and Dad for their future visits.
- "You get less caught up in self-judgments and endless concerns about what other people think. It's very liberating; you feel lighter."

- The trick is to separate signal from noise. Meditation has helped me to do that-to see whether there is genuine reason for concern.

- My meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein once gave me the single best piece of advice I've ever received when it comes to the management of worry.  Ask yourself one simple question: "Is this useful?"

- The "Is this useful?" mantra has not only helped me waste less energy on internally generated distress but has also allowed me to clear up bandwidth for new and different kinds of thoughts.

- One of the best ways to see the benefit of meditation is to feel its absence when you fall off the wagon.

- What is happiness, anyway?  "More of the good stuff and less of the bad."

EZBut Wait, there are more Hollywood Pictures: After I published pictures of the post-Christmas/pre-New year's sibling family reunion 2 weeks ago, Yvonne sent me a few of the pictures that she took. 

Here they are.  Enjoy!

Before the handrail installation.  Notice below the clock the unpainted wall where we used to hang pullovers, coats and umbrellas.
The new handrail with a fresh coat of paint on the wall.
EZLink of the Week:

NASA Water Balloons in Zero G (High Quality)

EZVideo of the Week:

A little over four months ago my friend Andy and I were wake surfing on the Columbia River.  I put this video together to get us ready for boating season this year.
NOTE: Can you guess many rules and regulations were broken during the filming of these surf sessions?  -- possibly double digits.

Here's a hint, before Gary got in the water he told Andy how ironic it would be if a former Coast Guard rescue swimmer drowned due to macho stupidity. 

Woo!!!  Shake It!!!