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EZIt's Time To Build a Shed
EZQuote of the week:

"The only good mole is a dead mole"
- Gary Jr.

I'm going to build a shed.  It's time to free up that parking space in the garage that the riding lawn mower currently consumes.

So a week ago after work, workouts and dinner I spent a couple of hours a night looking at lots of different shed plans and designs.  This is the one I decided on: 

It'll be 12' wide x 16' long with a garage door that's plenty big enough to drive our riding mower into, with siding and a roof that match that of our house.

Last Sunday there wasn't a ground breaking ceremony.  There was simply me, sunscreen, a shovel, a wheel barrow, pier blocks with adjustable supports and 4' x 4' pressure treated wood foundation posts. 

Let's get this party started.
First I mowed the grass down to the lowest setting to get a general idea of where the shed will be built.  Because of our septic system infrastructure, this was the most logical place to build the shed and it's the levelest part of the yard on the south side.
It's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but the foundation supports are level north-to-south and east-to-west.
I don't want grass growing underneath the shed since it'll be approximately 8-10" off the ground, so I got busy and dug up the grass between the pier block foundation supports.  I took this picture to demonstrate how deep and thick the grass roots are.  It took 3 hours to dig out all the grass which was my workout Tuesday night (6 -9pm).  Whew!
The shed foundation is good to go.

Stay tuned for more...by the end of summer we'll see how good my carpentry skills are at turning the image at the top of this page into the real deal.
BTW - My mole catching skills are still intact.
Mole hill behind Andy & Kim's Joe's shed.
And here is the culprit less than 24 hours after I set my traps.
Believe it or not, they have incredibly soft fur.
My old neighbor and current Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club Volleyball champion Meadow Johnson now holds the world record for surfing behind Promiscuous Girl without the need for a tow rope.  Moments after this picture was taken she threw the rope back to her Dad.
Proud parents Andy & Kim (yellow arrow points to Kim's feet) watch their multi-talented daughter smash the previous 'surf without the aid of a tow rope' record while your dutiful webmaster records this historical feat.

The blue arrow shows the slack in the line.  Surf Meadow Surf!

Woo!!!  Shake It!!!