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EZUniversity of Washington Foster School of Business Graduation!
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"To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often."
- Winston Churchill

Yesterday, Alexis graduated with honors from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business, one of the premier higher education business schools in the country.  Today was awesome.  It started with brunch at Toulouse Petit this morning in Seattle with Yvonne and I and Alexis and her friend and fellow Tri-Delta sorority sister Kate and culminated with 10,000 people inside Hec Ed Pavilion on the University of Washington campus watching 700+ graduates walk that aisle.  Woo!!!
Yvonne and I are very proud of all that Alexis has accomplished in her 22 years of life.
The double major graduate and her proud mama-do!
Hec Ed was packed with lots of proud family members.  Alexis was seated under the yellow arrow.
Alexis laying out her cap and gown the night before the big day.
Sunday morning on the drive down, I caffeinated with an official UW Foster School of Business coffee mug.
Woo!!!  Shake It!!!

Last Saturday, Yvonne and I went boating in Lake Stevens.  Yvonne's $95 Patagonia sweater didn't make it in the boat and it sank near the boat launch.  The next day, Sunday morning, we went to the dock and I successfully recovered her sweater which sank in about 15' of water.  Woo!!!

My new anti-deer garden fence is already paying dividends.  We ate our first strawberries last weekend.

I had (6) 2 x 4's laying around and decided to make something with them.  This is what i came up (after perusing Pintrest for ideas).

Say goodbye to the saw horses and hello to the new garden table (hover your mouse over the picture).