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EZPicture Heavy Update. Not a lot of Jibba Jabba on this post, except for all of the Woo's!!!.
EZQuote of the week:

"The best was to predict your future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

Mom & Dad are looking good in their new RV, a 36' long with 4 slides Tiffin Allegro 34PA.  Woo!!!
Look at all that room inside.  Woo!!!
Mom's favorite feature is the fireplace which provides instant heat.  Woo!!!
Of course when Yvonne and I were house hunting 3 years ago, one of our 'must haves' was a place with nice flat driveway so Mom & Dad could bring their RV and stay with us.  Woo!!!
Dad on a chilly Wednesday morning making preparations for their trip back south.
We all had a great time last Sunday at Bill & Susan's for barbeque ribs.  Woo!!!
The loft in Bill's shop has come a long way since Mason & I first helped Bill set posts as first seen here on my Jan. 14, 2018 post.  Woo!!!
Mom & Dad sure enjoyed sitting in the sauna while they were here too.  Woo!!!
That is a great looking RV and Mom & Dad definitely deserve to style and profile.  Woo!!!
When you eat dinner at Conto's in Lake Stevens...don't forget to take home a couple of molten lava cakes for desert later.
The garden fence project is complete.  Later this year when the weather is warmer, I'll get around to staining it the same color as the gate on the side of the house.  Woo!!!
I've already cleaned up the strawberries and in about a week or so I'll fertilize the blueberries and plant raspberries.  Woo!!!
When Bill, "Woo!!!", drinks coffee, he 'Style's and Profile's.'

Here's more Stylin' and Profilin'.