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EZShed Slideshow: Start to Finish
EZQuote of the week:

"it's not what you buy.  It's what you pay"

   -- Howard Marks

My Summer 2018 shed building project is complete.  All that's left to do now is organize all of the stuff that's been put into it and then eventually run electrical to it (probably a 2019 project).. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy parking the truck in the garage.  It fits.  Woo!!!
If you've got 8:12 to burn, check out the shed building slideshow below.
It was a 3 month project from start to finish.  I broke ground on June 23rd and finished installing the gutters on Sept. 18, 2018.

Here were the key milestone dates (: after each milestone, I celebrated with a beer drinking selfie :)

June 23: Day 1 --> Foundation Digging.
June 27: Foundation Rails Complete.
July 9:    Floor Framing Complete.
July 14:  Roof Truss Building Complete.
July 20:  Wall Framing Complete.
July 22:  Alexis' UW Graduation Party (not related to building a shed, but an important event).
July 30:  Wall Sheathing Complete.
July 31:  Roof Rake Ladders Complete.
Aug. 1:   Roof Sheathing Complete.
Aug. 10: Roofing Complete.
Aug. 18: Weather Wrap Complete.
Aug. 30: Siding Complete.
Sept. 1:  Garage Door Complete.
Sept. 9:  Painting Complete.
Sept. 13: Ramp Complete.
Sept. 18: Final Day --> Gutters Complete.

EZAlexis Headboard
Alexis' homemade headboard looks good.  Check out last month's post to see the build process.